Helping families
is in our DNA.

Our Mission

We will publish and promote books and other educational resources that teach families to be resilient by providing relief, support, hope, and solutions to parents because…“Parenting is the hardest thing that you will ever do.”



1. Presenting our message through:
• Seminars
• Webinars
• Interviews

2. Developing educational products

3. Creating linkages with other authors who share similar missions

4. Creating opportunities for nontraditional sales and distribution of these tools

The ENABLE TABLES are erected in families dilemma-by-dilemma, fueled by low frustration tolerance of school, work, and relationship problems. Helping is part of our DNA, but we do not properly identify and seek treatment for the underlying diagnosis, ADHD. The more we help and protect we become addicted to the action, but the enabled suffer the consequences including substance abuse and legal difficulties.