ADHD Coaching for Adolescents and Young Adults

Academic Coaching:

We will guide your students through work on homework and study skills (to improve accuracy and efficiency). We’ll work on organization, planning for projects (developing the ability to break up large projects into smaller pieces to prevent frustration), as well as catch up on old incomplete assignments and prepare for upcoming exams.

ADHD Life Coaching:

This is a partnership to work together to set goals, define steps toward those goals, remove obstacles preventing the client from reaching their goals. We ensure that those goals are consistent with your character strengths and values. We also provide guidance in choosing a career path when needed.

Falling Through the Ceiling:

Our ADHD Family Memoir

By Audrey & Dr. Larry Jones

The memoir of Audrey and Larry Jones and their three sons. A blend of love, humor and real-life irony, Falling Through the Ceiling makes sense of the nonsensical, shedding light on the challenges of living and raising children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Focus Sessions:

Sometimes, we just need help organizing our schoolwork, getting started and staying on task. Our focus sessions are for just that! During a focus session, we will help your student complete current assignments and catch up on missing assignments. Whether it be 20+ missing assignments or one project, we can help!!

What My Clients Are Saying


Dr. Jones listens intently and with great sensitivity incorporates his client’s dreams into tactile goals.

“Dr. Jones is an amazing knowledgeable coach. He provides a safe, comfortable and professional environment. He listens intently and with great sensitivity incorporates his client’s dreams into tactile goals. Accountability strategies are key components in Dr. Jones’ coaching.”

By Stephanie Counts
Women’s Intercultural Exchange, Founder
National Educational Consultant

I often recommend Larry to other families dealing with the stress and challenges of parenting today..

“His virtual coaching sessions with my granddaughter have helped her successfully to graduate high school this year, enter college and set challenging goals in this COVID-19 season. He is supportive, tremendously considerate and honest about his personal challenges with ADHD (though he does make it all look easy!).”

By Mary F. Griffin, BSW, MSW, LMSW
Social Worker, Parent & Grandparent

Working with a coach like Dr. Jones, someone who specialized in ADHD coaching and support can be very beneficial.

“Working with Dr. Larry Jones has definitely been a pleasure. I am a mother of twins. I have a son and daughter. My daughter is actually diagnosed with ADHD, but I’ve had the pleasure of allowing the Dr. Jones to work with both my children. Their book “Falling Through The Ceiling” has definitely been an asset to me and my family.”

By Erica Randall
Talent Acquisition Partner, Reinsurance Corp of America

Dr. Larry is a good listener, patient, knowledgeable and sensitive in his approach. I highly recommend him as a life coach.

“I participated in biweekly coaching sessions with Dr. Larry Jones for a one year. I began my sessions when I was experiencing a major unexpected life change as well as period of grief. The coaching sessions helped me reach a place where I have peace of mind, clarity of thought as well as contentment in spirit and heart. I have also developed confident and positive perspectives regarding the future.”

By Miriam Dozier Ph.D
Human Resources Executive

I feel more confident in my path and living as a person with a neuro-diverse experience.

“I have been working with Dr Larry Jones for about six months now. Dr Larry is kind, compassionate and observant. He has helped me identify places to shore up my abilities to change life both personally and professionally.”

Adriane Wiltse
Engineer, Jewelry Designer, & Wellness Coach

I was fortunate to work with Larry in identifying and learning new ways to balance neurodiverse challenges.

“That I discovered were normal for me. Larry's experience building an accomplished career and personal life helped to created a safe space for us to do work that supported me growing to be happier and more productive.”

Christopher Shearin
Google Marketing Strategist

I highly recommend Larry as a coach and am sure I'll be continuing working with him for a long while to come!

“[Larry] is really fantastic at helping you focus on your strengths and not get lost in the things you struggle with, but gives really practical support and advice to deal with the tricky bits.

He's helped me to really start structuring my business and life in a way that works better for me. . ."

Rosie Collins
Entrepreneur, Artist, VR Project Designer
United Kingdom

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Dr. Jones

“[Dr. Jones] is professional, organized, and he takes a practical approach to ensure we discuss things that are important to me so I can reach my goals. He is an excellent communicator and actively listens throughout each session.

A very worthwhile investment in myself and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach.”

Latasha Harris
HR Executive, Ph. D Candidate

I hope that you'll find his support to be as transformational as I have.

"I've been working with Dr. Larry for about eight weeks now, and his support is the cornerstone of change in my life. . .

This is a work in progress and there's more to figure out, and I'm delighted to have Dr. Larry in the ring with me. I've already recommended him to numerous friends and contacts, and I hope that you'll find his support to be as transformational as I have.”

Rob Fitzpatrick
Entrepreneur, Founder of Useful Book Publishing

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