ADHD coaching:
T.A.S.T.E of Success


Why do you need a Coach?

A Coach serves as that independent authority to support and guide individuals and families through challenges around education, career and life, when there are barriers to success based on ADHD or other causes. Turning ADHD from Stigma to Stability is our mission.

What kind of Coaching do you and your family need?

Adolescents and Young Adults
Academic Coaching: Students will work on homework and study skills (to improve accuracy and efficiency), organization, planning for projects (to develop the ability to break up large projects into small pieces preventing frustration), as well as catchup on old incomplete assignments and prepare for upcoming exams.

ADHD Life Coaching: This is a partnership between the coach and client where we work together to set goals, define steps to work towards those goals and overcome obstacles preventing the client from reaching their goals. We ensure that those goals are consistent with the character strengths and values of the individual. Guidance in choosing a career path.

Focus Sessions: Sometimes, we just need help organizing our schoolwork, getting started and staying on task. Our focus sessions are for just that! During a focus session, we will help your student complete current assignments and catch up on missing assignments. Whether it be 20+ missing assignments or one project, we can help!!

Parent Coaching: Many times, parents need a 3rd party to help them gain insight into their child or adolescent’s motivation (currency – the agreement that the child can have an extracurricular activity and maintain agreed grades). Our job is not to tell you how to parent, but rather, to help you figure out what works best for your family, how to help your struggling child and minimize conflict. During this journey, we will be by your side to get you through obstacles that come your way!

ADHD Life Coaching: If you are a parent with ADHD, this might be the perfect choice for you! ADHD Life Coaching is a partnership between coach and client where we work together to set goals, define steps to work towards those goals and overcome obstacles preventing the client from reaching their goal.

Educational Advocacy: Building your child’s educational village requires diligence. Review your state rules prior to requesting additional services for your child. Let us help you get your student the support they need for their ADHD or Learning Disability! We will help you advocate for your child as well as teach the students to self-advocate based on their developmental level. This is a critical time for early intervention and advocacy to build relationships with school staff to get the resources for your child. The earlier the student receives quality interventions the better chances that the social and emotional impact of ADHD can be minimized. This is where we can also help with the 504 & IEP process.

Life Coaching: Life Coaching is a partnership between coach and client where we work together to set goals, define steps to work towards those goals and overcome obstacles preventing the client from reaching their goal.

ADHD Life Coaching: ADHD Life Coaching is specialty coaching for persons with ADHD based on understanding the different ways that the ADHD brain works. Understanding the client’s strengths, the coach uses multiple research-based tools to support the client in meeting their goals.

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T urning A DHD from S tigma T o  the E volution of Success


As an ADHD and Life Coach, my goal is to help you to be successful in moving toward your personal agreed upon goals developed based upon your personal strengths.


I see children, adolescents and families to help them to work through their personal trauma to minimize the generational impact and promote parental advocacy.


My ultimate goal as an ADHD and Life Coach is to guide individuals toward Resilience, a state of personal well being and fulfillment.

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What My Clients Are Saying


“Dr. Jones is an ADHD and Life coach that I would definitely recommend. He helped me to recognize my personal strengths and to pause to make sensible informed decisions based on my talents and strengths. He also served as my accountable person to keep me moving toward my goals.”
— Satisfied Client

“Dr. Jones is an Amazing Knowledgeable Coach. He provides a safe, comfortable and professional environment. He listens intently and with great sensitivity incorporates his clients dreams into tactile goals. Accountability strategies are key components in Dr. Jones coaching.”
— Satisfied Family
Retired Executives with ADHD son and grandson