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Dr. Larry and Audrey Jones are authors, parents of ADHD children, and mental health advocates. They formed Enable Tables Media, LLC to teach parents and educators how to properly raise and instruct ADHD children, and motivate them to perform well in school and live stable, productive, and resilient lives.


Larry A. Jones, MD, MBA

author-photo-larryDr. Larry Jones is a retired pediatrician. He studied at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut for three years then transferred to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, where he received an undergraduate degree in Biology and his doctorate of medicine. Thereafter, Dr. Jones completed his pediatric residency, genetics fellowship, and the Executive Healthcare Management MBA program at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

After his medical training and postgraduate education, Dr. Jones remained in St. Louis where he opened a general pediatrics office in 1981 including a specialty in children’s learning disabilities, namely, ADD/ADHD. Dr. Jones became more involved in treating children with ADD/ADHD after he and his three sons were diagnosed with the genetic, brain-based syndrome.   

Since then Dr. Jones has been proactive in bringing awareness about ADHD to public health officials, hospital administrators, and physicians. After twenty-five years of working in private practice, Dr. Jones served as the chief administrator for childhood lead poisoning lead and all other child and maternal health activities for the city of St. Louis. Most notably, he coordinated the treatments for childhood lead poisoning, a known cause of childhood ADHD, to help the city government, insurance companies, and hospitals improve and manage their remediation efforts. 

For the past ten years, Dr. Jones has served as a physician advisor for hospitals in St. Louis and most recently in Charlotte, North Carolina. He helps their administrators maintain their patients’ quality of care by managing healthcare compliance and patient advocacy.


Audrey Jones, MBA

author-photo-audreyAudrey Jones is a retired office administrator and former business owner. She graduated from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts with a BA in Anthropology. Ms. Jones earned an MA in health management and an MBA in marketing at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

For twenty-five years, Ms. Jones worked alongside her husband at his general pediatrics office, managing the daily operations in the human resources and accounting departments. She also trained and supervised office staff members at other medical practices. Later Ms. Jones became an ombudsman for parents and families, addressing their social, educational, and medical challenges.     

As an entrepreneur, Ms. Jones was the managing partner of PCA, Inc., which owned and operated 14 retail concession locations at the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Her area of expertise was books and magazines. At PCA she managed the largest book and magazine retail enterprise in the St. Louis region. 

 After her husband’s and sons’ ADHD diagnosis, Ms. Jones faced a series of challenges, trying to manage her marriage, a full-time job, a successful business, and three children. As a result, she suffered an autoimmune illness, which caused permanent disability.   

 During her recovery Ms. Jones considered writing a book about how raising ADHD children led to her condition. But she saw a greater purpose in writing one that would help parents and educators understand the diagnosis and how to support children living with ADHD.

Our Mission

We will publish and promote books and other educational resources that teach families to be resilient by providing relief, support, hope, and solutions to parents because…“Parenting is the hardest thing that you will ever do.”



1. Presenting our message through:
• Seminars
• Webinars
• Interviews

2. Developing educational products

3. Creating linkages with other authors who share similar missions

4. Creating opportunities for nontraditional sales and distribution of these tools

The ENABLE TABLES are erected in families dilemma-by-dilemma, fueled by low frustration tolerance of school, work, and relationship problems. Helping is part of our DNA, but we do not properly identify and seek treatment for the underlying diagnosis, ADHD. The more we help and protect we become addicted to the action, but the enabled suffer the consequences including substance abuse and legal difficulties.