Everyone has some of these symptoms occasionally, but those with adult ADHD have more of these symptoms consistently and to a level of impairment. These symptoms may be fairly consistent, vary according to the situation or fluctuate without control.

Impulsivity Problems with:

Impulsive spending

– Making impulsive decisions

– Financial difficulties – difficulty paying bills on time and managing money

– Reduces work performance – missed deadlines, appointments and meetings

– Frequently late for appointments and social engagements

– Being reckless without considering consequences

– Frequent job changes and job loss

– Less job satisfaction

– Choosing jobs that are more active and less detail orientated

Do you deal with money management issues (impulsive purchases, failure to pay bills or taxes, bankruptcy)?

From Falling Through The Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir:

“ADHD behaviors negatively affected the bottom line of Audrey and Larry. As their family grew, so did their impulsive spending, plummeting their credit score(s) and landing the pair in debt numerous times. The husband and wife sought to remedy their financial situation by working harder and earning more, but the impulsivity and inattentiveness to their financial struggles coupled with the ever-increasing work only continued, contributing to Audrey’s illness.”

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