Impactful and educational conversations.


Audrey Jones and Larry Jones, MD, through collaborations with healthcare colleagues, educators, and community leaders have fostered partnerships to promote learning and to support families. They are available for speaking engagements and customized interactive programs.

PRESENTATIONS Educational: (Parents/Teachers/Schools) The interactive format is designed to help parents and educators identify the source of learning challenges. Parents and educators partner to customize strategies for student success, thus creating a toolkit based on experience and rewards.

Blocking The School to Prison Pipeline – Saving Our Children The presentations focus of the hard questions of how to actively and strategically avoid falling into the Pipeline based on developing positive relationships with teachers and staff; parents as advocates for their children. This program begins with: What is the pipeline? What are the building blocks of the Pipeline and where does it begin?

  • Poor parent/teacher relations

  • Inadequate parental advocacy

  • External involvement in school discipline

  • Premature introduction to the criminal justice system

The Many Faces of ADD/ADHD The objective is to develop an understanding of the basic effects of ADD/ADHD. Each section is punctuated with real life challenges from Falling Through the Ceiling. The presentation begins in early childhood years, when ADD/ADHD can result in academic frustrations and often dramatic teen pranks. Then we discuss adolescence and young adulthood, when the youth with ADD/ADHD, launch into independence can be fraught with more than the average obstacles. This interactive discussion can be planned for a general audience of parents and families or tailored as a Family Chat for effected groups.

“If two or more professionals are telling you that your child has a learning or attention issue, you don’t need to wait for number three.”
— Dr. Larry Jones