International Womens’ Day

One of 365 Days to Celebrate Her Stories
Willa Mae Ward Robinson’s Birthday (1906 – 1989)

Among the many wonderful traits and behaviors that I inherited and learned from her was self-care. Unfortunately, fulfilling my ambitions and living in our “house full of ADHD” led to benign neglect of myself.

“I was a multitasker because I was forced to be, I had so many things to do, and because I felt responsible for nearly everything. I felt like I was Falling Through the Ceiling some days just trying to cope. I am admitting this today because what I did wrong, I want someone else to do right. Let’s face it: I was the Enabler. Not dealing with the underlying issues not fixing urgent problems in the moment is what I did as my children grew up and my husband worked. They relied on me. I took care of all of them. It changed one day when I could barely take of myself. Everyone nearly lost it due to my unexpected illness, which happened as a result of me not taking care of myself.” – Audrey, Falling Through the Ceiling


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