Have you experienced frequent problems with driving (speeding tickets, accidents, or excessive caution to compensate for inattention problems)? 

From Falling Through The Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir:

“The four ADHD drivers of the Jones family faced numerous accidents, parking violations, and speeding tickets. The three Jones’ Boys learned much of their driving from their father and their inattentive ADHD behaviors. To make the bore of driving more engaging, Larry would engage in distractions such as constant mirror adjustments and last minute exits on the highway; the boys followed suit, speeding and making risky maneuvers behind the wheel. Several of the family’s cars were totaled, and the tickets racked up.”

More Problems with Attention Regulation

– More frequent driving accidents and speeding incidents

– More frequent physical accidents

– More rule breaking and interaction with the justice system

– Difficulty with relationships

– Difficulty with social interaction

– More school discipline issues

– Being easily distracted by things around you – difficulty staying focused in noisy offices

– Hyper focusing and being unable to refocus your attention on more important things, especially when involved in activities that you find stimulating

– Difficulty prioritizing focus to the level of importance rather than interest

–  Forgetting to complete tasks even if they frequent activities

– Frequently losing necessary things

– Poor listening skills

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