Are you dealing with familial factors, such as being the parent or child of a person with ADHD, receiving an ADHD diagnosis in childhood, or being “just like” a relative with ADHD?

From Falling Through The Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir:

“Larry never thought that he would be diagnosed with ADHD. At the time, ADHD was believed to cease around the late teenage years, and was popularly associated with hyperactivity. When a second child was diagnosed with ADHD, Larry decided to be tested as well, and he was found to have it as well. Though it came as a shock, it explained much of the problems faced at home throughout the years.”

Additional Red Flags

– Problems with self esteem

– Difficulty coping with stress

– Persistent mild depression

– Difficulty with relationships

– Difficulty with social interaction

– Financial difficulties – difficulty paying bills on time and managing money

– Reduces work performance – missed deadlines, appointments and meetings

– Frequently late for appointments and social engagements

– Substance abuse issues including alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, marijuana

– Worrying when attention is not focused

– Difficulties with consistent thoughtful parenting

– Unable to recognize own behaviour and effect on others

Read the full list of Red Flags for Adult ADHD – Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance

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