WOW!  My family and I just went to see Peter Rabbit and if he were a human boy, we hope he would be treated for ADHD.  He lived with two humans. One he couldn’t control himself around; Mr. McGregor who had a garden. Peter may have caused his heart attack.

Peter was hyperfocused on his goal of getting food from McGregor’s garden without remorse for his actions or any thoughts of consequences. When McGregor died, Peter’s conscience was not distressed because this was just part of the chase that he enjoyed. The event furthered Peter’s own goal; the garden was his.

Flopsy, one of his triplet sisters, calls him either a hero or reckless, when it was his impulsivity that looked like courage.

Peter, as the oldest child of a parentless nest of rabbits, was their leader.  Cottontail, one of the triplets, willingly takes dangerous actions for the thrill of it, just like Peter.  All of the siblings wanted to help their brother, though it may have been in dangerous ways; stealing from the garden, following their older brother into the garden, partying at the recently deceased McGregor house, etc.

Peter was impulsive; His plans consisted of the first thing that came to his mind. He never planned or showed for concern his family’s safety. He could have gotten all the food that his family needed by raiding Mr. McGregor’s garden at night.  When the next McGregor in line came to take over the garden, Peter’s attempt to get rid of Thomas spiraled out of control, destroying his family’s home in danger and hurting his best human friend, Bea.

We suggest that parents discuss this movie with their young children after seeing it, to assure that they get the correct take home message from the movie.  If your child thinks that Peter’s frantic, hyperactive, impulsive behavior is okay, maybe it’s time to talk to them about ADHD.


Peter Rabbit (2018) is currently showing in theaters.

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