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Peer Review

Rosie Phillips Davis (formerly Bingham), PhD, ABPP
APA President-Elect, 2018
Professor, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research

1. What do you think is the premise of Falling Through the Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir?
I liked the metaphor of Falling Through the Ceiling. It may have helped the reader understand more had that story been presented at the beginning of the book. I kept wondering about the title.

2. Were there sections that were powerful or changed your perspective on ADHD?
Every time there was discussion of Larry’s ADHD symptoms it was illuminating. I did not realize that one could be so successful in academics, career, marriage, family, and covering up. It will be inspirational for successful individuals to read about the challenges of another successful family.

3. Did you agree or disagree on the behavioral science presented?
I did not attend to the behavioral science as much because you relayed it in a lay manner. This book should appeal to the lay public because it is the story of parents learning to deal with family issues. It also may benefit married couples.

4. Would you recommend this book to someone?
I would recommend this book to successful African American families in particular because there are no books to help us to understand what can go wrong in our families. I believe we all struggle one way or the other and wish we could do it better for our children. I would recommend the book to K-12 teachers so they can develop a better understanding of the inter-generational aspect of ADHD.

5. Who do you think would enjoy or benefit from reading Falling Through the Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir?
As I said earlier, some of the problems you describe are similar for many African Americans in our generation who are first generation and tried to raise their children in ways that afforded them what was needed for success—the things we did not have. Your story sounded like others I have heard and the families may or may not have had ADHD. There are similarities to our family. Our son has a learning disability and we have “saved” him too often too.

I believe educators would benefit from reading the book because it might encourage them to be more assertive in sharing more information about children with parents no matter the financial status of the parents if they realize that all may not be well in the households and the children’s welfare is at stake.

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