Help and Enable get confused in my head.  For years we rationalized that our boys appreciated what we tried to do for them to improve their opportunities.  In their late 30’s do they admit that their inattentive, compulsive brains only learned when it was too expensive, financially and emotionally to ..Continue Reading


Even when things were not going well, having the God-given courage to turn that adversity into something positive is what I learned to do.” – Larry   In 1965 my mother became ill with cancer when I was 15, and died four years later. My grandmother and I were devastated ..Continue Reading

Is AD/HD A Real Diagnosis?

A recent Pediatric News (Rettew, David C.. “Discuss ADHD ‘Controversy’ with Parents.” Pediatric News Review) defines ADHD as a dimensional rather than binary entity.  What we have learned in our family’s journey is that it is not a psychiatric diagnosis; for us it is a spectrum of behaviors that we have ..Continue Reading