Falling Through the Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir

Audrey R. Jones and Larry A. Jones, MD


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The ENABLE TABLES are erected in families dilemma-by-dilemma, fueled by low frustration tolerance of school, work, and relationship problems.  Helping is part of our DNA, but we do not properly identify and seek treatment for the underlying diagnosis, ADHD. The more we help and protect we become addicted to the action, but the enabled suffer the consequences including substance abuse, legal difficulties, and literally:



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Topics Covered In The Book

Falling Through the Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir, is a poignant book about the challenges encountered by both parents and children as they cope with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The ADD/ADHD Iceberg

“An iceberg is like a mountain hidden beneath the surface. It’s as if seeing the snow-capped peak is all there is, being unaware that seven-eighths of the mountain is not visible to the eye. Much like the hidden mountain, ADHD traits are often concealed, and because of that, exploration is necessary.” – Audrey

Building a Village

“Recognizing that we want the best for our children but cannot do everything for them, we welcomed support and guidance from others who cared about us all.” – Audrey

The Enable Table

Enable Table are erected in families dilemma-by-dilemma, fueled by low frustration tolerance of school, work, and relationship problems. Helping is part of our DNA, but we do not properly identify and seek treatment for the underlying diagnosis, ADHD.” - Audrey

More Complex Problems with ADHD

“Delay or lack of treatment during adolescence increases the risk of negative encounters with the justice system.” - Larry

For Parents, Lessons from Our Lives

“If two or more professionals are telling you that your child has a learning issue or an attention issue, you don’t need to wait for number three.” – Larry

Advocating for Children with ADHD

“Remember that your primary objective is to do what’s best for your child. Be more concerned about your child’s well being than the label. “- Larry

Give the Gift of Knowledge

A blend of love, humor and real-life irony, Falling Through the Ceiling makes sense of the nonsensical, shedding light on the challenges of living with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

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Fun-loving mates, parents and grandparents

Married over 46 years, Audrey and Larry Jones are parents, grandparents, and fun-loving mates who enjoy each other’s company, civic, volunteer and cultural activities and frequent traveling. They had a whirlwind spring romance in 1970 as college students, married in late summer of 1972, and in four years had three sons, one right after the other.

As expensive, dangerous behaviors continued to be repeated, they sought help from teachers and therapists regarding their children. During his adolescence, each child was diagnosed with ADHD, just as hyperactive disorder was becoming a recognized clinical condition. For at least 20 years of his career as a pediatrician Larry did not link his children’s symptoms and signs of ADHD to himself.

In 2008, Audrey was stricken with an illness, which took its toll on her health and led to a permanent disability. Her gift of recovery included an opportunity for Larry and Audrey to seriously reflect on their sons’ actions, starts and misfires as young adults pursuing college educations and meaningful employment as they all lived with the challenges of ADHD. Rather than just writing about the road to recovery, Audrey and Larry chose to tell their whole story, with the intent of helping other families acknowledge and address behaviors that can adversely affect couples and families.

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Dr. Larry Jones and his wife Mrs. Audrey Jones revealed their new book 'Falling Through the Ceiling."

What Our Readers Are Saying

Falling Through the Ceiling provided me with an in-depth view into a family’s endeavors with ADHD/ADD. As an educator for over 20 years, I often ask what the student’s story or experiences are. The section “From Whence We Came” armed me with information of the impact of a parent who has or has not been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and its possible impact on the student. I would recommend this book to educators and families who work or know anyone with ADHD/ADD.


Dr. Marcie Beard

Executive Director of Schools

I enjoyed reading Falling Through the Ceiling and gaining the perspective of parents raising three sons with ADD/ADHD. I would recommend this book to parents as a helpful way of approaching parenting children with ADD/ADHD. I would recommend it to my clients raising children with ADD. The perspectives of Dr. Jones regarding his own diagnosis of ADD would be helpful to the many adults who discover late in life that they have been struggling to cope with ADD for many years. The chapter on enabling one’s adult children and ways to help them to become independent and cope with their attention deficits would be helpful for all parents attempting to help their adult children maximize their potential for having a productive and happy life.


Helen L. Evans, Ph. D.

Clinical psychologist

Falling Through the Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir is an unabashed memoir of a family’s experience of red flags and ultimately red lights. It’s about proceeding without heeding the warning signs that suggest help is needed. It’s about identifying behaviors that call out for intervention and possibly psycho-social treatment. The premise of the book is an alert to parents to pay attention to the repetition of critical behaviors as noted in the section, “For Parents, Lessons from Our Lives”.


Mary F. Griffin

Licensed Master’s Social Worker

I have just completed reading Falling Through The Ceiling and I am still breathless. The central theme of the book — sharing lived experience, with honesty and lessons learned– is wonderful. As we all struggle to raise our children and our grands, as we struggle to understand and get better, nothing is more valuable than shared experience from those who traveled the road before you. The additional beauty and value of Falling Through the Ceiling is exquisite storytelling around difficult and clearly painful subjects. Dr. Larry and Audrey Jones are wonderful storytellers, making the book a pleasurable as well as informative read. There are many things in the book that changed my perspective about ADHD. For instance, I had no idea that there was a spectrum along which the disability travels. I learned that hyperactivity can show up in many ways, including disconnection or disjointed reasoning. I was particularly moved by Dr. Jones discovering so late that he too had a form of ADHD, particularly when thinking about what his struggle through college and medical school must have been like. I was wowed by the commitment and teamwork — even in concealing some of the negative effects of the disorder on their family– of Dr. Larry and Audrey Jones. As I understand the science of personality disorder or mental illness I think this book is a very good depiction of the interplay between science and society. I also thoroughly enjoyed the race specific observations and analysis. Refreshing!


Sandra Moore

Parent and Attorney

The authors take the reader through the early childhood years, when ADHD can result in academic frustrations and often dramatic childhood pranks. They then move on through adolescence and young adulthood, when, for youth with ADHD, the launch into independence can be fraught with more than the average obstacles. As the authors tell their family’s story, each of them stops along the way to reflect on the personal impact of the children’s challenges and to share their perspectives on how they might have handled things differently. This book will be an inspiration for the thousands of families who are confronted with ADHD.


Elaine F. Walker, Ph.D.

Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Director Mental Health and Development Program Emory University

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